Inspired by a Treadmill?

Today I had my first treadmill run since last winter… and the truth is it inspired me to write my first blog post since the race report.  Weird, I know, but please hear me out.

All of my running pals (heck, probably anyone within earshot) knows that I love to be on the trails as much as possible.  There is nothing better than leaving the watch at home and hitting the trails and just enjoying all the beauty that nature has to offer.  Maybe you push yourself, and maybe you take it easy, but your feelings are the ones calling the shots, and most of the time that is pretty much the thesis of  “Why I Love Running” by Michael Bunda.  But also, it seems that my brain is wired such that I sometimes get supreme satisfaction out of totally geeking out over the numbers…. and this is where the treadmill comes in.

For some reason, i really don’t enjoy outdoor speed workouts and the like.  Fartleks, hill repeats… etc.  I mean i’ll do them, but there’s really no joy in it.  The bottom line is if i’m doing those things i’m already kind of nerding out over running, so if i’m going to nerd out I might as well hop on the treadmill and really have all  the numbers right in front of me whenever i want them.  Incline, current pace, overall pace, distance, time elapsed, i’ll even play little games in my head over “calories burned”.  Those little games are really where the satisfaction comes from i think….  how long can i keep this pace?  can i maintain this incline without dropping bellow a certain pace? how many miles can i hit in an hour?  Can i roll over another 100 calories before the next 10 minutes is up?   I totally understand why the treadmill gets so much flack, and even I only like it when i’m of a certain mood/mindset.  But i just wanted to put it out there that i don’t think you’re so bad, treadmill, and in fact sometimes you’re pretty cool.

Thanks for reading!

PS  My torture of choice is the rolling hill workout – level 5.  And right now, my ultimate end game is hitting 8 miles in 60 minutes on those settings (plus all the mini games it will take to get there!)


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